Summer 2017
Hello dear friends, partners and supporters.

My name is Rosemary Jones and I am one of six Trustees for SVST. All six of us have, at one time or another, been involved “hands on “ during the 25+ years of the work of the Trust and I consider it a great privilege to continue my connection in the role of Trustee.

A few weeks back I attended a management meeting, which I try to do from time to time. What a great evening! A long agenda reflected the variety and expanse of the work being undertaken in our local schools. The reports from Nicola, Andrea and Tina were so positive, full of praise and joy for the opportunities to bring the good news of the love of God to pupils and staff and to hear of the encouraging responses and enthusiasm which just bubbles over. Praise the Lord, it was so good to be there.

So, what do Trustees do, other than occasionally turn up at committee meetings and eat all the biscuits! Well, we are charged with the oversight of the Trust, to be a listening ear and critical friend to the Schools’ workers and members of the management committee.
We meet formally once a year to review the work of the Trust and to pray together but we keep in contact with the management team via email on a regular basis, so we know what’s going on and, like you, can be effective in our prayers and support for this great shared work of ours.

Yours, in Christ,