What the Trust offers schools
Although we are often asked to help with assemblies either following the school system or doing something for a special occasion like Easter or Christmas we can and do offer other help to schools.
We are able to provide input from a Christian perspective to complement and supplement the RE, PSHE and Humanities syllabus. We can also help in any other areas of the curriculum where an understanding of the Christian position or contribution may be helpful.   Topics like Abortion, Euthanasia, the Environment, Honesty, Justice, Prejudice can sometimes benefit from someone outside the school visiting.

Classroom visits provide an opportunity for pupils to question and challenge beliefs and claims, as well as to express their own opinions.   A variety of media and methods may be used to make lessons interesting and thought provoking such as: Videos, Discussion, Role-play, Small Group Exercises, Questionnaires, Audio-visuals, Written Material.

Pupils are encouraged to look at Christianity and matters of belief, value and lifestyle with an open mind and, in accordance with the requirements of the 1944 Education Act and the 1988 Education Reform Act, there is no attempt to proselytise to the Christian faith.

We run a number of lunchtime clubs ranging from seekers groups to in depth bible studies...

Mondays: Christian Union at Hockerill College, 3:45pm to 5pm
Tuesdays: Lunch Club at Herts & Essex High School, 1:20pm to 2:15pm;
Route 66 at Joyce Frankland Academy (Newport), 1:15pm to 2pm;
Ignite After School Club at Birchwood, 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Wednesdays: RS Factor at TBSHS, 1pm to 2pm
Thursdays: Lunch Club at Leventhorpe, 1:20pm to 2:15pm;
Lunch Club at Saffron Walden County High School, 1:10pm to 2pm
Fridays: Lunch Club at Birchwood, 1:20pm to 2pm